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September 19th, 2012, 17:45
@Alrik Fassbauer

Leadership is an important aspect of a successful enterprise. It's important to give employees a sense of security and direction. And leadership is the key to give the enterprise, itself, focus and coordination, so that planned goals can be accomplished by the teamwork of individuals in the enterprise, working together as a single entity.

A major aspect of leadership is planning for a transition in leadership, as is expected to happen at some point in every enterprise. It's a basic element of every leadership manual. Good leaders are always planning for the day when they will intentionally or unintentionally depart, thus providing for the enterprise to continue and grow even though they are gone. In particular, good leaders typically groom one or more promising individuals to fill their role upon their expected or unexpected departure.

The failure of the docs to groom a successor is a problem that must now be addressed if the enterprise is to grow and flourish. If the docs' departure was indeed a long planned event as you believe, the docs' failure to groom one or more successors becomes an even bigger issue. A leaderless enterprise is comparable to a rudderless ship. It's hard to imagine that the docs had a long term plan to leave their ship in such a state.

Then again, could be that even if Muzyka and Zeschuk did have a long term plan to abandon ship, the need for next generation leadership was simply another of those surprises they seemed to keep encountering…

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