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September 19th, 2012, 20:05
Bunch of superlative zingers so far.

I'm thinking it ought to be easy enough to break that Guinness World record for farthest human hurling by hurling a baby or a toddler (come on now, you know they'd have a lot of fun) —

Guess the performers in that rock band wanted to keep their identity secret (maybe they're planning an anti-Putin protest?)

And the ability to wander aimlessly in the forest as a deer; an inspiration for… well something surely…

About that European Breakup, looks like they got pretty close to being 'on the money' there…

To which I add a great music video of Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side, revealing that the song's lyrics actually document real people from Andy Warhol's studio (and who knows, may have inspired a plethora of BioWare's RPG romances )…

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