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September 19th, 2012, 23:23
Levelling System

As mentioned above here is the system I plan to incorporate. I haven't seen this done before so its fairly unique.

All player stats start at 1

Strength 1
Toughness 1
Intelligence 1
Luck 1

As the player levels up they can put a single point into an attribute of their choice

Strength affects damage in combat, and maybe carry capacity
Toughness affects hit points and checks. I am thinking 10 hit points per point.
Intelligence affects magic ability and number of spells that can be cast
Luck is a modifier for the skills above and and certain events. Each point representing a 10% increase maybe.

Killing a creature gives you their level in experience points. 10 first level kobolds will get you to level 2. Your level acts like a modifier for this. When you reach level two you not only need 20 kills, but first level kills act for half value. So you can either kill 20 second level orcs or 40 first level kobolds, etc.


Armor is designed to absorb damage. In addition weapons and armor have hit points themselves. Any damage over and above the modifier is taken on the player's base hit points.

For example, Tim the wizard is first level and has 10 hit points but wears 100 hit point steel armor that absorbs 10 hit points per strike. A goblin rushes him with a 100 hit point steel sword and does 6 points damage. Since Tim is not in defensive mode (and does not have the parrying skill) the goblin scores an automatic hit.

The goblins luck scores him a critical - double damage! Tim's armor takes 10 points damage and Tim's base hit points is down to 8.

Tim casts "kill annoying goblin", his lone spell, which consumes the goblin from the inside out and leaves it a bloody mess. Tim picks up the sword, which is good, because that was his only spell for the time being.

If Tim can get his armor to a forge he can repair it. The sword, which also took 10 points damage, can also be repaired.

This system would be tedious to play manually but its something which machines can calculate fast and furiously. I got the idea from simple physics and wrote some routines two years ago.
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