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September 20th, 2012, 15:00
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Iīve always found Arcanumīs soundtrack a somewhat curious case.The use of string quartet is original and gives the game a very distinct audio identity and the tunes themselves come with some nice and usually not run-off-the-mill melodies, yet Iīm finding it one of the most annoying soundtracks in an RPG - it doesnīt feel like a particularly fitting audio underpinning of the setting to me and, more importantly, the arrangements are repetitive and most of the tracks have a sorta drowsy vibe, which results in me wanting to go to sleep after a while .
Yeah, I can appreciate that - and I partially agree. It kinda dominates rather than supports the game.

Also, when I think of Arcanum music - it's always the main title sequence that I'm remembering. THAT particular piece of music was so powerful and so unique - and it did serve as a fantastic underpinning for the setting - but probably only because you're not playing while it's there.


I think the main quality is that it's so melancholy and so fitting with the steampunk/victorian era atmosphere. It really promises a game that's not just fast food entertainment, but wants to do something more.

In any case, it had a significant effect on me - and I have to give it credit for that.




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