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September 21st, 2012, 13:17
Finished Tolkien's The Hobbit. ( Listening to its audio-book every night before sleep. ) I think the biggest problem of the book is that it's way too childish ( even for a children novel ) both in the way it's written and the way story unfolds. Except for the superb finale ( 4 last chapters ) and the somehow bittersweet ending, earlier parts are a bit stale and had a hard time keeping my attention for long.

You might have heard this before. But it doesn't do harm to hear it again. If you plan to read the novel or you're waiting for the movie, do not expect something like Lord of the Rings at all. Hobbit is far more simpler and innocent and doesn't have a quarter of ambition LOTR had. But with all of the things said, I'm very glad that I read The Hobbit. It was very simple, yes. But it had spirit like few other novels ( that I know about ) have. It's one of those novels that you will feel really nostalgic about later in your life.

War and Peace is downright torture to read. I got through 25% once and just couldn't go on.
Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me with War and Peace. I think it was way too reliant on history and culture of the time frame and the location events happen in the book which makes it extremely inaccessible for people who don't know all about that stuff.
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