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September 21st, 2012, 18:24
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
When i first saw the graphics of this game i wasnt too impressed and kind of disliked it, but now when i actually play it i really like the art style. The animations are very fluid and nice too.
I have never played the first, so I went in with a completely clean slate, not a single ounce of knowledge about the game. I wasn't enthralled by the art style myself, but I'm finding it fits with the atmosphere and feels exactly as you mentioned, fluid. I chose the mage (known as Embermage, I believe), and right now my toughest choices are picking spells, knowing you cannot respec other than the 3 most recent points you spent (at least, to my knowledge).

In short, it's a step above what I expected and it's a lot of fun (not having played an ARPG for more than a decade now). The "online only" policy and negativity circling the D3 fanbase kept me away from it (though, I've never played any Diablo game to begin with, and seeing all the long time fans who were jaded and disappointed didn't help much to my excitement of trying one for the first time).

Having said that, I'm going to avoid a D3 discussion because I don't want to see another versus thread. Just know that my experience with Torchlight II has been a fun one so far, and for $20, I feel that I've gotten more than what I paid for.
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