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September 21st, 2012, 19:29
We've got Necro2 which is lvl8 and 9. Motivation: silver flame necklace, Shadow Crypt XP.

Threnal, which is lvl8 thru 10. Motivation: never run, unique crafting items, Mantle

Red Fens, which is lvl9. Motivation: set items

VoN, which is lvl8 thru 10 (actually 8 thru 9, only the raids are lvl10). Motivation: wasn't going to run, but HouseK favor

As y'all can see, lots of lvl8 stuff. With most of us already a rank or two into lvl10, there's no way we'll be able to complete all those quests without being over-level, even on elite.

edit- upon further review, things get interesting in a little while. There are very few non-raid quests at lvl10. 4 of them in Threnal, 1 in the Desert, 2 in Sorrowdusk that we probably won't get to, and 2 in Ataraxia which was going to be a catch-up area for anyone falling behind on XP. That means that it will be smart for us to camp at lvl11 on our toons—maybe get a couple ranks into 12 before actually taking the level. That means that we can pack some extra content in while we're lvl10 and 11, which means that we might be able to squeeze all this in. I hate holding levels since character development is my favorite part of the game itself (tormenting jm and the elderly being my favorite part of the overall experience… ), but it might make sense in this case.
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