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September 21st, 2012, 21:52
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
Or D&D and "fantasy" novels screwed people perception of historical warfare.

Firearms were invented in the 12th century (blackpowder in the 9th century). Plate mail were invented in the 13th century and limited to really rich people. Both were used together in Europe until plate mail were "phased out". Guns stayed around though.
Yes but firearms for the most part weren't used much nor as primary weapons until around the 15th century. There was some used prior to the 15th century but not many. Even in the early 15th century they werent used that much, some cannons were used but they were heavy and unweildy and often blew up on their users. Mostly they were used for shock tactics before a melee from what I have studied. Same thing with hand held firearms, they were heavy and innaccurate and took a long time to load. It wasnt until improvements in gun and gunpowder tech that guns started to replace traditional weapons and plate armor started becoming less usefull and this was mostly in the 16th century.

I dont love guns in my fanstasy either, but if they are not a major weapon and used in a primitive way like Arcanum I dont mind it. The magic vs technology in arcanum I thought.

Sounds like PE guns are going to be very primitive muzzle loaders, that sounds fine to me. Obviously more modern guns against armor would be a bit silly. Although I saw a tv show where they fired a handheld gun from the pirate age (mid 17th century) and it did not penetrate a 15th century plate cuirass.
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