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Default I've been getting really low framerates in this game

September 21st, 2012, 22:37
So I just bought this game recently after getting somewhat (though not entirely) tired of playing Gothic 3.

So I seldom ever get frame rates above 30. I tried lowering the quality and it did nothing.

Processor: AMD Athlon II x3 445 ~3.10 GHz
OS: Win 7 64-bit
Video card: MSI Twin Frozr II GTX 570

It's really odd that I'm getting this lag with the GPU I have. Could it be the fact that I'm running a 64 bit OS? I tried using NTCores 4 GB patch, but the game didn't run after that. I do actually have a 32 bit copy I could use, so I might try that next.

Oh, also I'm using the steam version, which should come with the patch.
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