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September 22nd, 2012, 00:14
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
Its been replaced with Kevlar armor. I can't wait till we get power armor and lasers. Maybe in the next 200 years. I couldn't resit the fallout reference but in fact they are being developed. There just still in the very early stages.
We already have powered exoskeletons. There is a full body exoskeleton which is used for load-lifting and a lower-body exoskeleton used for movement-load assistance in the field. The first is actually in-use in some manufacturing evironments as a civilian version and a more advanced military version is in the works. The second is I believe still in prototype. There are a few other models out there which are equally impressive at the very least and what is shown here is only what is declassified.

I'd say it would be more likely that armored exoskeletons would appear - at least as proof of concept models - a great deal sooner than that. The power systems to make them feasible for long term field deployment could also be far closer than you might think. They can already produce exoskeletons capable of assisting a soldier carrying a heavy pack and full kit (as well as its own weight) so an exoskeleton that caries an articulated armor as well probably isn't all that far off.
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