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September 22nd, 2012, 03:19
The Raid: Redemption. Some Korean movie, a lot of rather well done action and a very simple plot (a SWAT team tries to take out a bunch of thugs inside a tenement). I think people rate it a bit higher because it happens to be korean and not american. It's a nice enough movie, but if you want to see a really good foreign movie with action and good plot and actors i would rather recommend the brazilian movie Tropa de Elite.

Too bad Lynch seems like he won't be doing any other movies too soon.
I like Eraserhead and Inland Empire for their extremely nightmareish mood, but they're both very demanding movies. Inland Empire i couldnt watch in one sitting, very mentally exhausting to say the least.. Loved seeing Lynch in the previous episode of Louie (awesome drama/comedy show).
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