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September 22nd, 2012, 22:15
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Tried the demo for about 5 min (!) - never played Torchlight , and the amount of stuff on the UI seems rather intimidating. And there's no explanation, which is irritating. I looked at keybindings and figured out what TAB does (swap 2 alternate powers…presumably you can only have two 'active') - but what is the icon on the left of the quickbar? I trick clicking it - says primary weapon now, but if I right-click I only use what's in on the icon to right of the quickbar and left click moves. So how do I access that? I know its only a demo, but if they don't bother explaining stuff, then I lose interest very quickly. Either in-game help or via a manual. I avoided Diablo 3, so no idea how it compares. Any ideas as to whether it contains the same mindless re-spawning that seems to pervade all aRPG's these days? I've almost abandoned the genre because of that…
Respawning is an integral part of these type of games, or else you would end up with large empty worlds.

If you want to know what everything on the screen does, click on the question mark on the right hand side of your hub. In other words, in game help.
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