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September 23rd, 2012, 03:42
Yeah glad they've been trickling out some interesting details about the process and the world as they go. The update on the 19th was a particularly good one in terms of boosting pledges; getting your all-digital tiers right and adding DRM free options usually do that. More concept art would still be nice - me like purty pictures and all that.

Personally I'd like to see meatier background on the setting; I think a detailed lore post with good concept art might see a nice boost in pledges. Frequent updates are good and I imagine part of the reason they're teasing out a little info with each one is so they don't run out of substantive information to share before the end of the kickstarter. The other reason I imagine is that its pretty damn early in the high level design process.

They said a big update would be coming Monday and the content of those "big" updates might have more impact on pledges per day than the frequency of updates alone. If its a good one we might see another day or two of increases in pledges like we did on the 19th; of coure there will also probably be the normal big spike at the end as well. Still a difference in final average $ pledged/day of $10k is a difference overall for the project of roughly $300k so significant spikes throughout can have a large effect on the end total.
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