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September 24th, 2012, 00:25
well I figured out how to get the screen to span the width of the device regardless of resolution!

these are from the emulator - different versions of the same image. the top two are in 10.1" 1280x800 (10:6 aspect ratio) and the bottom two are from 480x800 in portrait and landscape respectively.

the tricks are to place the pictures as a background so they scale then put it into a linear layout and give it weight. I made the ImageViews Buttons instead but I am not sure it did anything except cause a problem (the different objects seem to inherit a lot from the layouts they are in it turns out - at the time I thought the features were inherit in the object itself) - I forgot to change the ImageViews to Buttons in the program itself. In my mind that should have caused a "not found" error and not allow the program to compile , but it did not. Regardless, its figured out.

I played around with the direction images and got them where I want them. Text arrows are out! Now you can move around with one thumb great in portrait. Before you had to break it practically to strafe right (and yeah I added strafing even though I hate it).

I even have some sound effects added and managed to turn off the built in ones.

I am currently working on doors which should I finish in a day or too.


After this I plan to tackle the Z plane and go up and down levels. For this I will add ladders and possibly pits.

I am thinking about layering more images on top of the screen - this would keep me from having to create upteen more images (rather than 3) but doing this I see problems in how how to do this and still maintain the illusion of depth as walls come over them. I think I would have to erase those layered images as the walls are put in place.

Layered images could also work for things like statues and fountains or even monster images and not just elevators. My concern is that seeing the monster would require the monster to chase you and I would have to add some rudimentary pathfinding AI to do it properly.
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