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September 24th, 2012, 23:11
Originally Posted by pibbur who View Post
And who claims that since "asshole" is an english word there are more assholes in the US than in Norway (which otoh has more "rævholl").
Since you can't have more assholes than people, or rather not often by many and only then in areas neighboring industrial chemical factories and nuclear test sites, countries with a larger population obviously have at least a higher potential total number of assholes. Going by this the US ranks quite high among potential asshole repositories as the third most population nation - though its total asshole potential is roughly only a quarter that of China or India.

If the observations made about about big cities by those who have never actually visited one are to be considered infailible and accurate, then one might presume that the relationship might even asymptotically increase towards a 1:1 ratio with total population for higher populations and density. Since every person who I have ever heard comment on that particular nature of big city folk has done so as though it were unassailable fact, I would hesitate to doubt them lest they presume I were just such an asshole.

I'd say by sheer weight of numbers and because correlation between quantity of people and number of assholes is more or less a direct one that it would stand to reason China and India may very well have the rest of the world beat on this one. If my neighbors are correct in their observationless observations regarding large populations, I would surely expect the export of waste-treatment systems to China and/or India to be a booming business opportunity.

My neighbor, a grackle-toothed young gent by the name of Shemp, provided a more elegant hypothesis:
People are all assholes and everyone's shit stinks
Given that he said that, perhaps I shouldn't actually be surprised if I AM knifed a few times next time I'm in NYC. Either that or something about dumb people inevitably saying smart things and vice versa.
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