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September 25th, 2012, 04:04
Finished the demo, very short. 2 missions. the first one you are told what to do and involves pretty much just right clicking. second you get to control.

What I played was fun but I'm a sucker for turn based strategy. Actually never played xcom before though I think I will definitively need to read a manual.

Not happy with the controls, mouse feels laggy also you rotate the camera with q and e would have much preferred holding right mouse button to rotate camera. f and c to zoom in and out. right click to move but left click to open a door and yet space to attack. Just doesn't seem very intuitive. Maybe it was made for a controller, which would seem odd, a turn based strategy made for controller???

Anyway despite the controls it did start to grab me. The combat anyway. Not enough here to really judge the game.

Only had about 15 min with the game so maybe their are other ways to control the game but I didn't see anywhere in the game to remap them.
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