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September 25th, 2012, 22:42
Originally Posted by tomasp3n View Post
And I don't really see why the Germans, Spanish, French etc. want their games translated
Well, I prefer to play games in english as well but that is a luxury I can afford since I speak english. Unfortunately, here in Spain, the average level of english is embarrassingly bad so a translation does make sense.

I have observed that those countries that do not dub movies nor tv series but instead have subtitles speak on average much better english.

I often say that they should introduce subtitles here and get rid of the dubbing so that the people would automatically learn better english but, putting it mildly, the majority seem to react unfavourably to such "radical" proposal.

Originally Posted by tomasp3n View Post
I haven't met a German person who doesn't speak decent English
I was sent by my company to Germany (Munich) for several months and I was actually very disappointed in their level of english. (I am referring to the common people and not to the professionals at work). Much to my surprise, many Germans, even among the younger generation, didn't speak any english at all. I can only guess it is due to the fact that they dub the movies and tv. Considering my observation, a request for a German translation does not come as a surprise.
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