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September 26th, 2012, 09:33
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Yes, several years ago there was such a case in the press here - a young boy transferred from a country where the poor parents couldn't afford healing him. It could have meant his death. But everything worked out fine and he could go back to his parents again. From time to time thre are similar reports in the press here, like a young girl which has had malformed legs, but can now walk again, because they were using a new method to correct her lgs so far that she could at least walk again (she'll never be able to walk like a healthy human, but at least she'll be able to walk at all … ) …
Considering the drastic advancement of bionic replacement limbs, I wonder how doctors will deal with patients in similar conditions who might be able to argue they'd get better results with amputation than corrective surgery. While hip replacements have become somewhat routine to many doctors, it seems like this is something that would be seen as a bit ghoulish - perhaps recalling gruesome earlier times in the history of surgery.

Of course I don't think doctors will have people with limb deformation (but not life-treatening conditions or traumatic damage) asking to have their old leg chopped off and replaced with the newest iWalk just quite yet. Yes, it's called the iWalk and I too would be terrified to ever have to update the firmware on mine if I had one. Looking at the newest replacement arms actually give sensory feedback, it might not be that far off that a bionic replacement will offer advantages over not just corrective surgery but even to your own healthy original parts.
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