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September 26th, 2012, 13:06
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I finished it last night. It was an excellent experience from start to finish. I had almost forgotten how epic Half-Life was. Especially compared to the vast majority of FPS crap we get nowadays.

It's not a perfect recreation though. I noticed a few areas on some levels were missing from the original game. I feel the additional details and dialogue were enough to compensate though.

There are other groups working on trying to do the same with HL: Opposing Force and HL: Blue Shift. I hope their efforts are as successful as Black Mesa.
I agree. This truly proves how fine game HL1 is even by today's standards. Hehe I also felt like I was playing the game first time. Black mesa team really made great job recreating the whole game. I can't wait to see their vision of XEN-levels

As for Valve…It just bugs me so much that they're dodging the question constantly. How hard it would be say: "sorry we can't talk about it now, but be assured that freeman's story isn't finished yet."
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