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September 26th, 2012, 20:27
Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
Me too. I know plenty of people who actually get pissed when they are denied the "original" or "true" English version of an artistic work. Assuming they want it translated insinuate that they are a child, uneducated or even unsophisticated. The opposite, that a person request a translated version is rare, unless we are speaking about an older person.
I'm a bit like that but I usually get disappointed, since the voice-overs are always worse and the lip-synch is always a bit off and jarring. This is even true of languages I do not speak. I much prefer the original audio with subtitles.

A recent example I have is the film Brave. In English they have authentic Scottish accents which of course is impossible to find an equivalent of in Swedish. It basically removes an integral part of the film.

Anyway, I think it is a really good idea with text translations. A quite easy way to expand the possible customer base since a lot of people really do struggle with English.
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