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September 27th, 2012, 16:36
Originally Posted by Avantenor View Post
I guess there is so much still work in progress regarding the lore, the story and content that they can not wrap it up into a nice story.

Hardcore modes gave it actually a boost in pledges. Some minutes after announcing there was a third 10.000 $ pledge.
Hmm. Who has the money to do that? It remains to be seen if those actually get paid.

Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
Not overly ecstatic with this stretch goal. Sure, there's people who enjoy turning their game into a chore, but I'd like to think that it's a niche group. And, for the record, "Path of the Damned" sounds nothing like a successor to ID's Heart of Fury mode. From what I recall, that was reserved for a second playthrough of the game; in this case, it's just a way to further pound your party into goo on the first run.

Give us more content, damnit, not a bunch of add-on party favors like companions and difficulty settings. Give me a lineup of abilities and spells to rival D&D's. Give me dungeons galore. Give me a richer backstory to the world, and ways to explore this lore.

All these updates just sound so shallow to me…too technical, not enough development of the main theme.
The people donating to the startup are more likely to be hard-core gamers, so they're part of the group being targeted by these modes. But seriously, why wouldn't you appreciate the ability to tune the game to your playing preferences? It also adds to the enjoyment of replay by adding back challenge where it has been removed due to familiarity with the game. I'd say it's a winner.
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