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September 28th, 2012, 08:26
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
It's still not "finished" but the "patch" is a step in the right directionů
I do keep wanting to play itů It's kind of unique and has a lot of good points and while I'm always finding stuff to fix the time does seem to fly by. I'll totally forget about my fresh cup of tea and have to drink it cold. So I'm torn. I can understand it garnering a cult following but the majority won't last long with it. I Think I need to win it then see what I think. Or do I? Hell, I don't know.
And the voodoo that is DL claims another victimů

Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
Just the fact its the ONLY co-op RPG of its kind makes it kinda special. Now all I need is someone to play co-op with!

My friend who I tried to play the original release with pretty much laughed when I suggested we try it again. Anyone near by want to give it a play?
Tell me if you get it to work. I'm very interested in bringing this up to my group for another try, but want to know if they've fixed the multiplayer first. We quite enjoyed it the first time around, but eventually gave up around Arindale (sp?) because the MP was just too damn buggy.

And will someone please tell me if Alt-Tab freezes the game still? Please? For the love of God, please tell me!!!!!!
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