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September 28th, 2012, 10:03
Originally Posted by chamr View Post
And will someone please tell me if Alt-Tab freezes the game still? Please? For the love of God, please tell me!!!!!!
No, Alt-Tab minimizes the game to the taskbar and back just fine now.

Does anyone know if there's a way to scroll and/or zoom in/out your map? Also, what exactly does the "scout" skill do?

I'm trying to give this game one last chance. I'm in Fargrove now at level 10, but several things are annoying the shit out of me. First, I wish it was a little more obvious where to go. I'm not saying I want my hand held, but the extremely limited view distance in this game makes finding anything a chore. It would be nice if places on the map were marked after you found them. It would also be nice if skills, etc., had a mouseover description.

I also wish I had chosen the hardest difficulty. Other than a couple of boss encounters, I've yet to be challenged in the slightest. I hope this game gets harder because I'm not enjoying it enough to start over.

The amount of loot dropped is just silly. I had 45 heal potions and 5000+ gold by the time I reached Fargrove.
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