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September 28th, 2012, 12:15
I keep starting up Geneforge 2 thinking 'I will need just one more session to finish it' but after one or two hours I end up stopping thinking the exact same thing. I assume that's because of the way mr Vogel seems to like throwing hordes of tough enemies at you in the end game locations that, by that time, end up being only annoying and time consuming without offering a real challenge. That was a lot more frustrating in the first game though and I generally feel that this one improved in pretty much every aspect on the original - except the setting and story which was slightly more appealing in the first one due to the mystery it had plus the fact that it offered a very solid reason of why the pc is the most powerful individual in the game.


In the meantime I got distracted after buying two great games for my iPad in the last couple of days. One being the Last Express, which I have on pc but haven't finished yet. I expect that I will get through it now as I the iPad more comfortable these days plus I think I will appreciate some of the added aid it gives you since this game tends to get me a little stressed at times because I have to try and solve puzzles while constantly fighting the clock.

The other one is the King of Dragon Pass which I admit I have completely missed until now but I got very intrigued as soon as I found out about it. After reading all the reviews that pointed out how hard a game it is, I'm surprised to find that I seem to be doing ok.

I decided to focus to what tend to do best in such games: diplomacy, trading and, above all, (this game's equivalent to) 'research' (sacrificing to gods building shrines and the like) while otherwise playing purely defensively. Most of my neighbors seem to like me well enough, I get repeatedly raided by some horsemen but these raids end up being more profitable for me as, not only have I always managed to chase them off so far but I managed to capture a lot of horses from them which I can then sell for a decent profit. The only problem I'm having so far is that my farmers don't seem to be too happy (although not all that miserable either) but I think I will manage to cheer them up soon.

I don't mean to show too much confidence though. For example I fully expect that some more war-focused clan will start a campaign to annihilate me any time now. Do all these other clans evolve as the players? ie does this game have an ai that follows the same rules (like in Civilization for example)? I also don't seem to have found a way of getting detailed information about other's status on demand (as if by sending them spies or scouts) so that I can adapt my strategy accordingly (or maybe I haven't yet discovered all my options).

It's an incredible game. I just thought I'd try it out for a bit yesterday and after a while I started feeling I was getting a little tired of it, I thought that it might be that there wasn't as much to do as I originally thought but then I looked at the clock and realized that I've been playing for four hours!
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