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September 28th, 2012, 13:43
View distance can be improved somewhat in the options, and while you're there, set difficulty to "hard" and random monsters to "less". This seems to make it a bit more managable in terms of not being iritating with constant spawns.

Point and click mode (options, or press Ctrl) seems much the better way to control things, as you can click on buttons and generally interact with things. But "E" remains a useful button for quickly interacting with doors or pickups.

Map has zoom buttons on the minimap (top right) but seems to have a mind of its own for the M map. That said, the Fargrove map always seemed to have the right zoom level. I suspect it may be based on showing you the current dungeon "level". The sewers has several levels of different sizes, so it can be a bit muddled.

Like you, I'm in Fargrove circa L10, and I'm now exploring for guilds etc. My wife had a look at DL last night while I was playing, and noticed the improved character models, and ask to have a play with her own character. As someone said, there's some voodoo here, but maybe we're just starved of this kind of game?
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