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September 28th, 2012, 20:10
Originally Posted by Assalander View Post
Will this one get unlocked after Reandore?
Morento will get unlocked while you are still on Reandore. BTW, can you upload a saved game for me somewhere in which you just landed in the Imperial camp there? The official 1.1 patch seems to have messed up flyer access but I don#t have saved games to test and possibly fix that.

Is there any other planet you can explore that I've missed (other than Goldin, Sunax, Gli, Yarent, Reandore and Morento)?
No, these six planets are all there is. But infos from the game show that there were supposed to be more: Limpid in the Zirit system with two spaceports and Negletik in the Borator system with one spaceport. But as you will see when you reach the ending, the game was cut short and there might never be a sequel…
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