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September 28th, 2012, 22:18
okay, finally finished brick walls and realistic doors

this amount of detail moved the program up from around 50k to 3.5mb.

I actually had to redo it two or three times. this kind of detail is not forgiving visually so it has to be done right or all the details make it look off compared to simple solid color walls.

Additionally, I originally had artificial gaps between the walls which were required with the untextured walls but were a real problem with the brick ones. I realized if I had them bleed to the edge they naturally create an artificial gap between each other.

As you can see I also added a floor. I simply but an image in the background of everything else and it was one of the reasons the gaps were a problem: they blead right into the wall background which made the look like half of them were part of the floor.

The last step is to add door creaking sounds then I will have up and down ladders before I finally move off the map. By using a similar system to the floor I think I can create layered "sprites" to mark the ladders and possibly doing interesting things like pits and fountains.
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