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September 29th, 2012, 20:18
Some people are really freaking out about multiplayer being free-to-play. The matching system does sound like it prevents it from being a pay-to-win system though because the matching system pits you against other players who have spent an equal amount of "renown" on upgrading their characters. This renown is earned either by killing enemies or you can buy it. This means that if you're someone just starting out you will not be matched up against someone who has payed fully upgraded everything. It also means that someone who buys all their renown can easily find themselves fighting someone who has earned it all and therefore is likely to be quite a bit more experienced.

Really, as far as F2P goes, this sounds like a pretty good idea for ensuring that multiplayer isn't empty of people and that someone paying for points doesn't have much of an edge over someone who didn't - because they'll be facing people with roughly equal points.
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