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September 30th, 2012, 03:08
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
I can't wait!

This one has been on my most wanted list since it was just an unannounced project. (That I was kinda hoping was Arx Fatalis 2 )
It's interesting that this is Arkane's first game that has been a new IP from conception. Arx Fatalis started as an Ultima Underworld that got cancelled by the publisher, but they ended up rebranding it and still hold the trademark (well Bethesda does now). Dark Messiah, was well, of Might and Magic so thats Ubisoft.

The only other original IP was The Crossing with Valve (Although the trademark is now owned by Bethesda, which I found by searching the European trademark database)

So an Arx Fatalis sequel, a Dishonored sequel and even The Crossing are all still potential future projects (as well as another original IP).

When Arkane first became part of Bethesda my first thought was they would be working on an Arx Fatalis/Battlespire hybrid set in the Elder Scrolls Universe.

But it's actually really cool we get to explore a new setting.
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