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September 30th, 2012, 17:00
Problems I take it? Other than my uncanny ability to roll a D1 for all things when under pressure, and taking a 200 point disintegrate in VoN2, we did pretty well. Unfortunately, we lost a lot of time, more than a half-hour, which isn't good when people are on short timers. I think we could have done VoN3, but for the lack of time when I left.

Oh well, I'm back to having my Saturdays off, unless the management wants to push out more product. So as long as it's not end of month or we're getting hit with storm orders I should be able to play a full session. And I'll be leaving work early enough to miss out of all the cars that catch fire on the expressway, which kept me out late yesterday.

With us splitting, we definitely could use a Cleric, but we're also short an Arcane. While a Druid can fill our group's usual Arcane role (nuking), we still lack the buffs like Blur and GH. So Alrik is well suited either way to fill in.
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