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September 30th, 2012, 18:44
Here are two previews of Dishonered and a collection of other things collected on the net.
A preview at Digital Trends:
Due to my limited time, subtlety took a backseat to speed. I found the target and eliminated her with prejudice, then had to run for it. Once outside it took a moment for the confusion to settle and the guards to mobilize. As bullets ripped by, I froze time to escape the grounds. I sprinted to the sewers and slid into a covered escape route, but came out and was facing tallboys, guards walking on mechanized stilts. These guards can quickly ruin your day, so I laid a trap on a nearby bridge, summoned rats to attack another guard, and threw a sticky grenade into a crowd to even the odds. The tallboy then came at me via the bridge and walked right into my trap. As guards closed in, I possessed a fish and swam to my escape route, a waiting boat.
And one at Thunderbolt:
Attempting to teleport into a corridor near my target I fudged my aim, falling slap bang in the middle of a trio of gun toting sentries. What ensued can only be described as an embarrassing kerfuffle of summoned rats, exploding arrows and clashing blades, but what a glorious kerfuffle it was: Dishonored’s melee combat feels weighty, tense and challenging in all the right ways, requiring perfect block timing in order to break your enemy’s swipe, opening an opportunity for an instant kill parry, and granting you with a deeply personal death animation that can only be described as schlocky, crunchy and harrowing in equal measure.
An interview with Seth Shain on not “defeating the player’s intentionality” at AtomicMPC:
Atomic: The guys who work the crank. What are they called?
Seth: That’s a Musical Overseer.
Atomic: And they’re the ones that stop the magic abilities?
Seth: Yeah. Yeah, the Overseers are… one of the religions in the world of Dishonored in Dunwall is the Abbey of the Everyman, it’s the Overseers. They’re a religious sect and they’re puritan in a way. They hate The Outsider, they hate magic, and they try to do away with that. So some of them are witch hunters and they try to root out that evil wherever they see it, and they have… we’ve developed the religion, there are the seven strictures which is sort of like their Ten Commandments. And so there’s a lot of fiction in the world that supports this. They talk about witches they’ve burned, and they’re always accusing people. So the Musical Overseer, his whole job is to ferret out people with magic. And so that’s why that musical device is something that stops magic… somehow, it uses a mathematical formula to create music that counters The Outsider’s magic. They do things like, they’ll patrol the street and they’ll be cranking their machine and, there’s a book about this in the world, a woman is walking on the other side of the street and she’s just singing to herself, and this guy’s turning the crank and, as they pass, she stops singing. And so they accuse her of witchcraft because clearly her singing was magical, so they burn her. *Laugh*
Eight reasons why Dishonored could be the best game of the year at What Culture:
2. The Scope
This game combines stealth, supernatural abilities, hand to hand combat, guns, crossbows, grenades and even a pulsating heart that guides you to rare loot (no joke, and if it was a joke I don’t think I could think of something quite that ludicrous).
The map is huge and embraces historical aspects of mid-plague London with advanced technology powered by Whale oil.
Rather than holding on to genre cliches and playing it safe; this game takes on everything it’s creators found interesting and then some, making it one of the more inventive and inviting prospects of the coming months.
And MyGaming has a piece on why the Thief style stealth mechanic was ditched:
In the early stages of its development, Dishonored had a stealth mechanic akin to Thief where players could hide in the shadows. However, Arkane decided to scrap it, and lead designer Christophe Carrier…More information.
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