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September 30th, 2012, 21:13
Interesting :

- Gamestop employee said that they had been informed that SW:TOR was F2P from September on.

They probably meant the Trial thing ?

- A Saturn employee (Saturn = German electronics chain) instead informed me that SW:TOR will become F2P at the end of October.

He also said that all bought/remaining ? Game Time Cards will from then on be transferred/become into "Points" from then on - I assume that he probably meant the so-called "Cartel Coins" which will come when everything becomes F2P.

I have finally bought the whole game (has become cheap here, standard version), but I can't play yet because I didn't register any Game Time Card yet - neither did I give in to an abonnement / a subscription.

I have even found out that one just cannot use the Trial when one has aready installed & registered the bare game.

I wonder if this is true for the "Friends" program, too ?

Since I've found out that there are a few benefits of being a "normal" player until F2P starts http://www.swtor.com/free , I wanted to buy such a Game Time Card regardless - but I'm not sure whether I should rather buy it now or wait until they might become cheaper (?) just short before turning everything into F2P ? - If ever, that is.
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