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September 30th, 2012, 22:12
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
my point is, why make for boring looking armor just because they're more 'realistic' in a fantasy game. If it was a medieval simulation game, I'd be all for it, but in a fantasy game, I'm ok with boob armors and chainmail bikinis that protect more than a full body leather armor.
I can only speak for myself, but I was tired e.g. by Snowblind's urgent attempts to make all heroines in the Champions games look like Pamela Anderson in Fantasy-Baywatch. They did the same in Dark Alliance, too. It bores me to death, seeing nearly undressed booby girls running through an elsewise stupid game. One could think, the money spared from "meaning" was put into atomic boobs and that they are always presented in a right shape.

Yes, you don't have to play it, but in this case Obsidian wants the money before the game is reviewed and is explicitly asking for feedback. So I can understand that there are people reasoning against if they get the chance and somebody is listening.

I don't know if advocates of booby plates would also welcome Mick-Jagger-like pants with bucklings or even more explicit shape. My guess would be it would turn into another sexualism / morality debate. Or even worse! Because everybody knows pee-pees are bad in general.
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