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October 1st, 2012, 18:08
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I finished my first game on vetran and I have to say at this point I think titan quest was the better and more enjoyable game (for me); esp the class system.
I enjoyed Titan Quest a lot and finished that game. But the game got a little boring with what I felt were boring loot drops and a good number of uninteresting quests. But besides that, I still thought TQ offered an overall fun game experience for an action RPG.

Torchlight 2 is hooking me in for several reasons:

-First, it supports LAN. That in itself brings a tear to my eye (in a good way).

-Next, I think the loot drops are pretty good and varied.

-The pet feature to allow you to sell and buy while out in the world is great and strikes an excellent balance between adventuring and the eventual need to go to town by lessening the frequency of needing to go to town.

-The game world areas are not like corridors but feel like 'zones' much like an isometric version of Everquest to make a very imperfect comparison - this is one aspect of D3 that bothers me a lot - D3 just 'feels' like a bunch of corridors and not a game world.

-The quests are interesting for an action RPG and the sidequests are light years more fun than D3's.

-A small cherry on top that I appreciate is how there are little things to discover - for example, even after you kill a boss, if you look around the area you might just find additional treasures (and not just unopened treasure chests and not stuff you missed) - I noticed that and it pleases the explorer in me.

-In multiplayer, when another player in T2 gets a quest or progresses a quest, it doesn't automatically get that quest or progress that quest for other players which is how it works in D3. I don't know about other people but I really don't like that. The first time I played D3 multiplayer it was 'bling bling bling' and within a few minutes I had done 10 quests not even knowing what the hell just happened.

-Finally, 'out of the box' T2 has a great PC UI (with only a few minor things I would like to see added and changed) and I really REALLY appreciate that (although D3's UI ain't bad either) - YES I'M LOOKING AT YOU SKYRIM (AGAIN)!

I loved the first two Diablo games and D3 was a day 1 buy for me. But it lost me by the early portion of Act 2. It just wasn't fun. The loot drops were uninteresting and I wasn't interested in the Auction House aspect of the game. The constant online requirement is a relentless finger poking in my ribs. The way skills and abilities work in D3 is for me, very unexciting. My entire experience with D3 seemed to boil down to a tiresome bureaucracy of issues both in game and out where T2 gets right to it with fun loot, fun quests, and a fun world to explore. And did I mention T2 has LAN? - Yes, T2 has LAN amen.

I haven't by any measure 'written off' the Diablo franchise. I'm keeping an eye on the patches that the game is undergoing. I last played D3 when it was at the 1.3 version and now 1.5 is out (or will be out soon). But even if I never finish D3 I'm hoping the franchise continues and perhaps D4 will be a fun game. Time will tell.
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