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October 1st, 2012, 22:57
Disciples games are fun if slightly repetitive. Later in the game I always try to take out the enemies capitals, with a

Finished Fallout Tactics last night, it was a solid squad-based tactical shooter - a reasonable continuation of the earlier games, at least in general atmosphere even though the RPG elements were sparse.

Now onto Fallout 3. Modlist is:

Fallout 3+all DLCs (GOTY edition)
Unofficial patch
Tommy's Error Fixes
Arwen's Realism Tweaks+Hardcore Mod (not Encumbrance, Med-Tec or One Life mods - they look to me like too much work micromanaging my PC)
Darnified UI
Cipscis' Automatic Save Manager
JordiK's Dialogue Tweaks
Delay DLC quests
Achievement Remover and Personal Achievement Log (I'm OK with achievements - but not via GFWL please)
Shadows and Dust volumes 1 and 2 by DonLemonade - spooky!
Treasure Maps 1-4 by Kevin - look like they add some fun to exploration. Also I might need a few goodies to offset the Hardcore mod

And that's it. I basically wanted a harder version of Vanilla F3 with a few extra tweaks. No graphics mods - I might consider them at a later date but I want to see what the original game looks like first. I did think about adding some quest mods but there doesn't seem to be a huge selection for F3.
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