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October 3rd, 2012, 01:27
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
Really weird to do a fundraiser like this for a project that's already been funded. Twice.

Wouldn't it be a lot nicer to give the proceeds to a charity or something, since they're highly unlikely to make any kind of difference to Obsidian?
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
Yep, I'd say this is simply someone selling some old games on eBay. Not exactly for a good cause, either, as if someone wants to donate to Project Eternity, it would probably be better to donate directly instead.
this and this. my first thoughts actually. this isn't an important cause - its kind of like waiting in line to buy the latest iPhone.

Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Since the donator is already well known, he doesn't need to be made a bigshot. Desslock is one of the most known crpg reviewers ever. I believe he's just finding a way to support part of the genre he loves. Really hard to criticize the guy.
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
Your IP says you're from France, so you probably simply don't know how stupid your remark was.
these too.

either way - its good to see Desslock again. I still remember his intense coverage of the Ultima Online lawsuit, his push to get NWN to d20 instead of 3.0 (which never would have worked legally anyway), and his itemizing every single quest in Morrowind first hand.
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