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October 3rd, 2012, 14:34
They should hire… Probably noone.
Instead they should use Vivaldi's scores. It worked perfectly in PST (Brothel of slating IL), for those who forgot and for those who didn't play PST (is that even possible) here's the masterpiece concert for two oboes, skip to 1:30 for the part used in PST:

And for those who never heard about Antonio Vivaldi (now that's even less possible, but wouldn't surprise me) just so you know he didn't just write Four Seasons, he was the one responsible for Bach's ingenious work (dramatisation only Vivaldi could teach), he was the one who made some revolutional scores (one of first concerts for cello, and definetly the earliest concert for two cellos), etc.

I'm aware that modern audience expects in modern games music from Gaga, Bieber, and similar performers of low or none artistic value. Sorry, but IMO classic scores seem to fit better in fantasy setting.
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