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October 3rd, 2012, 22:05
My message to Loot Drop
As much as I want to back this project, right now it is way too vague for me to consider funding.

You have NPCs, character creation, progression, and party members. Great. So does Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age 2. What makes this an old school RPG? Your promised features are so generic, I can't get a feel for the type of game you want to make. What conventions are you going to give us, that modern publishers won't? What perspective will you be using? Isometric, top down, or first person? How will the game play? Brenda is known for Wizardy, an Old School first person party based RPG known for it's challenging difficulty and extensive skills and options, but Tom is known for Anachronox, a funny JRPG styled game. Well, which is this one going to be? (Sell me the first game you hope to make, not the two stretch goal games).

I'd love a Wizardy, Might & Magic type Old-School RPG since right now Kickstarter has Baldur's Gate style isometric RPGs covered (Project Eternity) and Wasteland/Fallout-esque RPGs (Wasteland 2). But right now I'm not sure if that's the type of experience you are selling or not.

I'd like to support this project, but I just can't right now with the information you have available. What style of game are you providing, that I can't get from publishers? What niche or fanbase are you targeting? How does this game differ from the other big name RPGs that are funding themselves through kickstarter? A little clarity will help. Thank you.
Their response:
Our options depend a lot on how much money we get. And what backers want the most! We'll likely post a video talking about them. Thanks for your comments!
Yeah, I'm going to have to pass on this one until they decide to release more information.
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