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October 4th, 2012, 00:25
Well, my Cleric is now level 9.
That wouldn't have been possible without the mentioned Tangleroot run - and a PUG (the same which later did Tangleroot with me) doing the last part of Necro 1 with me - on elite difficulty. (This was my very first real "healing escort" job, so to say. In fact, my help was needed, as the Barbarian got hit by all of these undead ones, too [with me being able to turn/destroy a part of them away] . )- But, alas ! , I wasn't flagged !
So, today I ventured into the Tomb Of The Sanguine Heart and with this got my last quest resolved - now I'm *finally* flagged for confronting Brother Salasso !

"Dear Brother Salasso, now I will go on your nerves. In fact, I will go SO MUCH on your nerves that you will WISH you were DEAD !"

So, this means to me that I need to get through it if finishing Necro1 is required for playing Necro2.

Aside from all of this, I'm working on Kundarak Favour, too. I (read : my Cleric) really need to get more bank space now.

And finally : With level 9 this is the very first time that I'm able to resurrect someone ! Rejoice ! - I've already bought spell components for that.
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