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October 4th, 2012, 02:56
ok - well here are a couple of attempts


this is the original texture with me using the airbrush tool over it to try to just make it darker. as you can see it looks horrible.


now here's a new texture. looks good but it illustrates my big concern: it lacks unity. the colors are all wrong. they need blending. maybe lighting could correct this but not with the gradient tool. that just makes them look grainy and this kind of detail does not like grainy.

I could try the color pick tool but somehow I think that's going to be more trouble than its worth.

Edit: well I did a quick color pick using the "select by color" tool then painting over it with what I selected. The initial concept looked ok - smoothing out the textures do happen on footpaths over time so I thought it might work…


…it doesn't.

couple of attempts to keep the original texture and blend the mortar.

hmm..for some reason I hadn't looked at the built in filters. maybe they can do something.
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