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October 4th, 2012, 04:56
From their vaguer-than-Obsidian Kickstarter proposal:

"Even the mere mention of “old-school RPG” fills you with ideas, and we can’t wait to hear them!
•You gain exclusive access to our forums where Tom and Brenda will chronicle every phase of the game’s development and invite your feedback into the game’s design.
•You vote on design decisions when the team needs your input."

I'm all for listening to your fans and all, but in my experience any project without a clear vision at the outset, even if subject to change, turns into a mess. Tell me what the game is. Don't let Facebook thumbs tell you what it is.

I'm not exactly stingy with Kickstarters, having helped fund 13 of them since The Banner Saga, but I'll pass on this, unless these developers grow a spine and pitch an actual idea. Or maybe they just don't have a clue. Neither sutuation is a good one.

Maybe I'm just holding a grudge for them ruining the phrase "old school" for me. They might not get my money (Perhaps they won't need it, considering they're at the $110k as I write this.), but I hereby pledge never to say "old school" again.
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