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October 4th, 2012, 09:15
Originally Posted by darkling View Post
The "mugwort" character who posted this map on your forum also made a followup post when asked if this was to be the official map saying it is. Coriander's post saying they don't believe this map is being used is prefaced with an "AFAIK", so I'm taking their post as an uncertainty.

Well, Coriander is connected in some way to the development of the game, in what way I don't know, so I think it's save to assume he would have heard about it if this Mugworth mapmaker was on the level.
Also, the article on PCGamesN mentions subraces, which also seems to be wrong.

The full quote from Coriander on Baldur's gate forums:

"As far as I know, that's not a map we'll be using.
And subraces are something we want to look at, but will probably be post ship still."

It seems the article just mentions stuff they gleaned on the official forum and wrote the preview without any confirmation of facts from the developers.

That being said, the article shows screenshots which haven't been posted on the official site, and I haven't seen them before anywhere. Don't know where they got those…

I'm quite sure however, that Beamdog/Overhaul wouldn't include a map of such amateurish standard in their game, come on, the guy have numerous spelling errors and apparently loves compasses, since they're all over the map… Literally..
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