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October 4th, 2012, 12:29
At first, I was somewhat disappointed with the update as all these classes seem to remind me too much of D&D, (i.e. generic fantasy theme). Although after reading about them, I started to like them more as little by little my allergic reaction to the notion of D&D was wearing off.

I particularly welcome the idea that the classes are not artificially limted as in 2nd edition AD&D but instead they can adopt and develop skills that are traditionally belonging to other classes. But it is the Cipher class that has me especially excited and I really hope that we will see well developed non-combat uses such as mind reading and/or manipulation. (For me personally, it is the non-combat gameplay that makes a good RPG)

As for the artwork, I don't like it as it looks IMO too much like those typical generic high fantasy images…. in other words, plain boring and unimaginative.
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