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October 4th, 2012, 15:26
Seems risky to have a second MMO in development. For TESO they aren't even sure yet if they will go subscription or free-to-play (which is why they never comment on questions regarding the business model). If they are wise it will be free-to-play from the start. If you start subscription and then have to change over to free-to-play it will always look like a defeat (see swtor) and if you use multiple systems at the same time like subscription AND monetization it looks exploitative (see secret world).

With whatever Battlecry goes on to develop, I think they know it will be free to play (since they are hiring a monetization designer) something which wasn't the industry standard when they started on TESO. Still I think it won't be an MMO.

But I wouldn't mind a first person Fallout MMO with active combat instead of the the more tradition skill bar TESO will feature.

For a moment I thought they would go into the Dota/Lol/Hon space, but since they are looking for experience with FPS and RPG design that seems unlikely since to develop those type of games you'd probably need some RTS experience (unless they approach it very differently).
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