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October 5th, 2012, 01:48
Lord british was the death of rpgs in the 90's? really?

Not all by himself, he was just one member of the "lets sell idiotware to idiots and get rich, instead of this pesky RPG stuff" choir. As was Brenda Garno, and I even provided specific evidence in her case. I could about Richard Garriott as well, but this post wasn't about him.

A lot of unwarented hate here…

Unwarranted? One of the architects of the demise of old-school RPGs, back before they were "old-school" yet, asks for money from the very fans she sold out to chase the mass market easy money over 15 years ago to make an old-school RPG? It's kind of sad and pathetic, in my opinion. And, yeah, considering RPGs were my number one hobby back then, I do feel pretty strongly about it. Sue me. Let her beg money from action-adventure-interactive-movie-clickrandombuttonandcoolshithappens-RPGs so she can make one of those, instead. If she does that, I promise I won't complain.
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