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October 5th, 2012, 15:37
Child: Mummy, who was Hitler?
Mother: Hitler?
Child: Yeah. Who was he?
Mother: Erm, he was a very bad man from a long time ago.
Child: Oh. How bad?
Mother: He was like… he was like Voldemort.
Child: Oh! That’s really, really bad.
Mother: Yes.
Child: (Pause) So, did Harry Potter kill Hitler, too?

It's not that funny, perhaps, but it illlustrates how cultural references change over time. Before HP, may be Sauron could be uses as a Hitler model, at least in some families.

Reminds me of the first time I watched my children play they were shopping. They took a box, and wandered around in their room. So I asked them, where's the counter? One of you should stand behind a counter and the other should tell what they wanted. Then I realized, they had never been to a shop like that.

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