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October 5th, 2012, 17:41
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
No more disingenuous than Obsidian claiming PS:T, Arcanum, and FO 1&2.
Now this response is just sad.

Also, Gamasutra has an article/interview with Brathwaite.
Among some other things, there´s a clarification on the possible development of 2 games:
Brathwaite and Hall have conceived of the game as having two distinct worlds part of the same universe and the same timeline, where one of them is fundamentally Brathwaite's and the other's is Hall's, with a bridge connecting the two.

Hall's second world is viewed as something of a sequel if the game's stretch funding goals are met. But ultimately the pair will collaborate on all aspects of development, and in Hall, Brathwaite has the ideal complement to her RPG values.
Part most relevant to this thread would be this, I guess:
But there's something of a learning curve for everyone: For example, Brathwaite says she and Hall were excited by the initial enthusiasm toward their announced collaboration, but the degree to which audiences wanted extensive details right away was a little unexpected.

"In the traditional world of development, you come up with an idea: It's very loose, you know what your systems and genre will look like, and you have an overall idea of how the game is going to play… but it's not done, so there are a lot of questions you still have." That sort of loose sketch might have been enough for an experienced publisher back in the day, but the expectations of a passionate audience who wants to know where their money is going are quite different.

Although the Old-School RPG Kickstarter has only been up for a matter of days, Brathwaite already has a lesson to suggest to other developers that might want to try the same path: "There's no such thing as too much information," she says. "If you know it, don't hold back… put it out there. That's just an absolute must. People who are playing the game don't want to hear your pitch, they want to know what the game is even if it isn't done."
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