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October 5th, 2012, 19:55
JDR13: No more disingenuous than Obsidian claiming PS:T, Arcanum, and FO 1&2.

Pretty ignorant to claim there's no difference between the actual developers of those games leaving the company they worked for and starting a new company, and Brenda Garno who wrote the manuals for Sirtech managing to talk a company in Canada into making Wizardry 8 after Sirtech went out of business. But facts and logic are unimportant to you, aren't they? As long as you get your old school shooter-with-RPG-elements out of it, what do you care?

…and in Hall, Brathwaite has the ideal complement to her RPG values.

Her "RPG values". What a laugh. She sold RPG fans out in 1993 and never looked back. Now she claims to want to make an old-school RPG with other people's money, even though she is apparently making Facebook games for people who aren't even gamers at all in any meaningful sense of the word? The saddest part is the number of people on this dedicated RPG forum who actually seem to believe they are going to get an RPG that's worth playing and that targets them and not some goofballs who never played any computer games that didn't run in a web browser.

I'll say this one more time: she sold out gamers to chase non-gamers in the early days of the information age, she's currently targeting non-gamers on social media, and now she's asking you - gamers - for money to make a game. She's gonna take your money and make a game that she hopes will appeal to non-gaming mass market. Use your fucking brains. That's what they are for. I'm so fucking sick of people on this forum complaining nobody is making hardcore RPGs for RPG fans anymore and then watching y'all dumbfucks repeating the same mistakes RPG fans made 15 years ago. She's going to sell you out to chase the easily amused. It's what she does.
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