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October 5th, 2012, 20:34
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Now this response is just sad.
I agree. Your response was indeed sad.

Originally Posted by CraigCWB View Post
Pretty ignorant to claim there's no difference between the actual developers of those games leaving the company they worked for and starting a new company, and Brenda Garno who wrote the manuals for Sirtech managing to talk a company in Canada into making Wizardry 8 after Sirtech went out of business. But facts and logic are unimportant to you, aren't they? As long as you get your old school shooter-with-RPG-elements out of it, what do you care?
Brenda Brathwaite was a lead designer on Wizardry 8. She also wrote the story and did the NPC scripting and dialogue. Do you have information that shows otherwise? Were you there while it was being developed? I only ask because it sounds like you were.

For someone who wants to talk about facts and logic, you seem to be lacking in both. But I think people are used to that from you by now.

You sure seem invested in this for a game that you keep claiming you have no interest in.
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