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October 5th, 2012, 21:31

Brenda Brathwaite was a lead designer on Wizardry 8. She also wrote the story and did the NPC scripting and dialogue.

Oh, that explains why it was so "good" doesn't it?

You do realize that Wizardry 8 was done by the company that did Jagged Alliance, and not by Sirtech, right? Because, Sirtech kinda went out of business… possibly because instead of doing Wizardry 8 in the early 1990s, they decided to not make RPGs anymore and instead invested in doing stupid games for non-gamers, such as I mentioned earlier, and becoming a publishing house for other development companies such as the makers of Jagged Alliance. Anyway, I'm not surprised Ian Currie's crew gave Brenda some sweet billing, since she was their only claim on the Wizardry franchise. Doesn't change the fact that Brenda went to them as a refugee after Sirtech crashed and burned, largely because of her, in my own estimation.

Do you have information that shows otherwise? Were you there while it was being developed? I only ask because it sounds like you were.

You ask because you want to dismiss my 25 years of being an observer of the industry and its workings in favor of your 5 years of being a moron in this web forum.

For someone who wants to talk about facts and logic, you seem to be lacking in both. But I think people are used to that from you by now.


You sure seem invested in this for a game that you keep claiming you have no interest in.

I'm invested in making sure people who don't know Brenda Garno and her history with the RPG genre know who she is and what she's done, because I don't want to see her do it again on a new batch of clueless. But you're the big Deus Ex/Warren Spector fanboy aren't you? Everyone who is unhappy with the quality of RPGs in recent years should be looking at you. As for me, I hardly play them anymore. The only ones I enjoy at all are Bethesda's, which is a shame because I used to hate the Elder Scrolls games. Back in the old days, when other RPGs had charm, depth and complexity that Bethesda's titles lacked.
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